Friday, August 21, 2009

Reason # 70
to go sailing
Discovering new worlds, communities, and people.

Peru was an amazing place. Not much room to sail where we were but beautiful is not a word that does it justice. However it has a very dirty side as most countries do. The cities are over populated and the government only seemed to be concerned with the area that the tourist visited. Once you left that space the ugly truth showed through. The thing that bugged me the most were the kids. There was someone in every parking lot and intersection trying to sell you something. And often they were children. Early in the morning and late at night it made no difference. Where are their parents? Why are you not at school? No one new or they didn't care. There is compulsory school for the small children but no law to enforce it. Go figure.

Here are some pictures from the trip. There will be many more to follow.

Day one off to Lima. Right before we left we found out that due to health reasons our fearless leader would not be with us. We were very sad. Not to fear second in command quickly copied her in to a packable size and she went with us in spirit. She had a great time and never a hair out of place. We really did miss her since of humor. Her jokes were a little flat! LOL

Flat Stanley and one of my sons small blue ninjas, That mysteriously appeared in my suit case, also made the trip. They all really enjoyed Machupicchu!

Here is another of Linda enjoying the scenery!

This young man was juggling these sticks in a very busy intersection for money.

This is the view out the hotel window in Lima.

Maybe more tomorrow.

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More more more more more please!!!!!

Sounds fabulous and difficult and lovely and amazing.....