Friday, October 10, 2008

The Caloosahatchie River

Do you ever feel like your just marking time? Swimming up stream? Running in place? Getting no where fast? Watching paint dry? One step forward two steps back?

And my favorite.

Hurry up and wait!!!

I am always doing something. For some one. It seems though that the things that I want to see done the most get put off for later. I'm not even sure what those things are most of the time. I take care of my husbands grandmother, my Mom, go on field trips, take Robbie to practices, meetings, and appointments. Pay bills, handle all letters, correspondence, and birthday and holiday presents and cards for EVERYONE in mine and my husbands family. I'm an awesome aunt who lately has attended many a volleyball game and even a Brownie tea party. I pick up nieces and nephews from after school events and deliver them safely home. I am the President of my local Woman's club where I plan and run meetings and committees. Volunteer to work at many an event. Write news letters and news paper announcements. Watch the budget and make repairs on the club house.

These are all of the things I do because I want to. Not the ones I do because I have to. You know work, cook, clean, and don't forget the ever growing pile of laundry.

But what about me? I read in the middle of the night when it's quite and the house is still. Exercise? That's funny. When should I do that. Oh wait I could get up early and go before they get out of bed and before I go to work. Then maybe I could nap in class. Like the kids do. I started a Quilt, for Robbie, years ago maybe I can give it to him as a wedding present. The yard I was always so proud of has been taken prisoner by the weeds. But I'll get to that tomorrow. Now I have wasted my 30 free minutes and I must go do the dishes.

I think I'm just cranky, hormonal, and tired.

This is a desert rose in my front yard and some cool anchors.

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oreneta said...

Terrie, I am so sorry you are feeling this way. You are so generous and you are such amazing people. I too sometimes feel like I have disappeared into the pile of things I have to do and I chose to do. Exercise? I've had the same idea, get up earlier! *thheheheppppt* Like I am not already cruising on caffeine and will power, the solution is NOT sleeping less.

Reading, I do the same, honestly it is not a day if I haven't run my eyes over at least one line of text before I go to bed. More often than not, that's about all I manage before I fall asleep.

It is rough.


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