Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well this has been the worst year in my almost 40 years!

A lot of my friends and family are wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Well here it is all wrapped up for you.

Last year and the beginning of this one I was fighting to save my home. We were being foreclosed on. I did save it.

Then on April 23rd my husband of 13 years announces out of the blue, at least it was to me, that he is not happy and he is leaving me. And he did.

My mother passed on July 31st. We did not have a great relationship and we had a lot of hostility between us and I feel bad about all we left unsaid.

Then my darling husband decided HE wants to live in our house and he asked me to move out. I didn't get much of a vote. I had to move. So now the home I fought for that is now a broken home and barely a house I am evicted from because he wants it.

Last week a very dear friend who happens to be my sons Great Grandmother passed away. She was one of just a few people who I could talk too.

I have lost 50 lbs, crying burns a lot of calories. But I have no money for clothes so if you see me naked pay me no mind. I am often sick. I don't sleep. I cry all the time and I am very depressed.

So to sum it up I lost my husband , my Mom, my home, my mind and a grandmother in a little over 6 months.
I will also be 40 in just a few weeks. YAH ME!
I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in a new year with a fresh new start.
I am seriously thinking of skipping Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas!
Did I mention that the schedule that my thoughtful husband came up with states that he has our son Thanksgiving and Christmas. WTF