Saturday, July 11, 2009

I saw on another blog a challenge/ suggestion that you should post a photo. Not just any photo but the photo that is the 10Th photo in the 1st folder. I couldn't make this up. Guess what mine was! Yep a picture of our boat the SV Wahine in all her glory and here it is.
And this is the next one it was taken in Hope Town Bahamas. Just wanted to share this one cause it's pretty.
Well I am getting ready for my big trip to Peru. I think my friends and family will be glad to see me leave. It is all I think about and they are probably getting sick of me.
22 more days. YAH
I got the greatest water bottle that has a built in filter that will filter out the nastiest of cooties. And I can use it on the boat later. Double cool.
Interesting fact. You can pack a meat cleaver in your checked luggage on international flight but not your extra camera batteries. I am learning so much getting ready for this trip. I have never flown over seas.
On a side note my honey has finally obtained his pilots licence. Look out BIRDS!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of your boat! How did you find such a treasure?