Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next up :crossing the gulf steam and checking in with customs in Bimini

Well I guess the gods and powers that be had had a good laugh and were still busy rolling around on the floor in hysterics because when we crossed the gulf stream the next day it went wonderfully. No man overboard drills or significant events that I can recall.

We anchored just out of the channel in Bimini on a beautiful morning and captain Rob went to shore and cleared us in without any fuss. I often wonder how many boats don't check in and out and pay the fees. Both trips we have made so far I never saw one Bahamian official on the water. Ever! No one ever asked us about whether we had checked in or out. It's not really in me to temp fate to much. I'm already married to a man who does it often enough for all of us. Anyone for a swim?

We spent a great day in Bimini. This little city is really growing on me. My favorite place is a little beach bar called Sherry's on the Beach. It is a little hut down on the beach, Gulf side. The owner, Sherry Pinder, carries everything she needs down to her little shack everyday and home every night. She makes frozen concoctions that make it difficult to remember where you anchored and the best fresh conch salad I have ever eaten. But my little guy likes to say "so far". We will always be looking for better and should probably check in with Sherry on a regular basis to compare.

After eating my share of conch and picking up our Bimini bread, another must try when there, we straightened up the boat, did some laundry and took out the trash. It must have been the cabin boys day off. We were headed to Chub Key next and then to Spanish Wells/ Port Royal.

We headed out after lunch and made it out all the way to North Rock on the Far North end of Bimini when we made the decision not to try going across that night the wind was blowing straight at us and it didn't look good. So we turned around and went back to Sherry's. We dropped anchor right off the beach instead of going around and going all the way to the anchorage. The way the wind was blowing out of the east it was a very pleasant night. Robbie played on the beach until it was so dark we couldn't see and I hung out at Sherry's.

On the way down the beach to go back to the boat I tripped on something and hurt my little toe. I would have swore I broke it. It turned black and purple and hurt like hell. That will teach me not to leave my shoes in the dingy. Or maybe it will teach me not to drink to much and then stumble around on the beach. Naaa. Well in hind sight I don't guess it was broke it did hurt for a couple of weeks. But it's better now.

Here's some pics!!
This is Bimini Beach.
The Dolphin House, Bimini.
Wahine and Pooty the Pickle pirate.
Hotel ruins, Bimini
Wreck on Bimini beach locals say it's been there for ever.
Baptist Church

Wahine and Downtown Bimini

Whats left of the Complete angler where Hemingway hung out.

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oreneta said...

I LOVE Bimini....oh oh oh...what lovely photos...glad you turned back....